Ball Ore Milling Equipment Manufacturer In India

2018-01-17 18:49:59

Ball Ore Milling Equipment Manufacturer In India

Ball Ore Milling Equipment is very common in industrial applications. It is an important equipment to ensure stable and orderly industrial production. In daily maintenance work, we need to maintain and maintain ball Ore Milling Equipments to ensure normal and stable production. This article shares the cause of the ball Ore Milling Equipment failure and the solution.

Turn Over The Use Of Surface Installation Points

1. Implementation Of Design Norms

We in the actual work for the original gear to disassemble, we must always adhere to ensure the upper and lower surface of the screw aperture and complete, part of the gear open release of stress on both sides then surface, pin hole and screw mouth were re grinding, the burrs and scratches excess wear off.

Besides, it is necessary to measure the pore size of the screw holes separately. The size and number of the holes should be installed according to the established numbering sequence, so that the disorder can not be confused.


2. The Meshing Between The Big And Small Gears

The small gear to apply the red oil in at least four gear, and then turn the Ore Milling Equipment, in the process of turning the real-time observation of the two gear contact area and size range, the correct meshing points of each gear need to install on pitch line.

During the process of installation, professional technicians should observe the running of gears in real time. If possible, the operation time of no-load will be extended reasonably until it can be used normally.

Failure Maintenance Of Cylinder Crack

1. Cracks In The Process Of Tube Welding

If there is a quality failure in this part, it will lead directly to the fracture of welded joints. If the treatment time is delayed, it will cause too much welding stress and then cause cracks.

According to the analysis of the bending stress and shear stress of the cylinder, it is found that the largest part of the force is in the two ends of the cylinder, and the welding work should be done. The angular contact of the two is a right angle, which can easily lead to the stress concentration, and then the fracture problem occurs.


2, The Cracks In The Working State

The cylinder in normal working process, once it happened the bolt loosening or shedding liner, should be replaced in the first time, if proper treatment measures are not timely, it will cause the cylinder cracking, then after crack, the measures taken to ensure clean and neat, the correct position of cylinder after the start of the next step of work.

After welding in grinding processes, need to wear in the treatment of the root of weld root cleaning, welding and welding times, particularly in three times, the staff in the process of welding, welding, weld to knock, knocking the number is four times above, it can effectively eliminate stress, ensure the welding work well.

Due to many factors, there will be many failures in the process of ball Ore Milling Equipment operation. If it is not solved in time, it will lead directly to the difficulty of production. In view of the different failure phenomena and analysis of the reasons, a correct and reasonable solution is adopted to ensure the performance of the ball Ore Milling Equipment.

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