Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

2018-09-27 16:48:32

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

How to operate the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill correctly?

In the field of milling equipment, more than one type of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill is used, and various types of milling equipment are flooding the market. Of course, the choice is much, it is a very good thing, because you can choose the right mill production line equipment according to your actual production needs, which will be more efficient in the production process, and will also save investment. However, there will be some problems along with it. For example, various types and models of milling equipment will be different, and the operation methods and methods will be different. Therefore, when using these devices, we can't just operate on our own experience, we may miss some necessary steps, cause the device to malfunction, or the machine does not function properly. Here we will not introduce the specific operation steps of the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, because the specific steps of the different types of equipment operation are not the same, and there is no need for this. After the manufacturer purchases the grinding equipment, there will be detailed operation instructions and operations.

Old mill users must know that the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill has a large innovation in structure, using a new three-ring structure. It is based on the structure of the traditional Calcite Powder Grinding Mill and is designed and updated. It is more efficient, lower power consumption, smaller in floor space and smaller in cost investment than traditional Calcite Powder Grinding Mill. The industry has received extensive attention and is the equipment of choice for many milling companies.

Let's first take a look at the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, what features it has, and so many positive reviews. It is understood that we know that it is improved by the traditional Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, and some parts are added and deleted on the original basis, and the structure is improved. The structure is simpler, the parts are more uniform, and the integrated parts are presented. In this way, in the production of grinding powder, the performance is more stable, the failure rate is significantly reduced, the operation is easier, and the replacement of components becomes simple and easy. In addition, it should be environmentally friendly, with less noise, less vibration, stronger grinding pressure and significantly improved production efficiency. The new structural design makes the grinding ring and the grinding roller more stable, and there is no eccentric wear phenomenon, so that during the grinding, the equipment will not be seriously worn, that is, the wear parts are no longer consumed by friction, but instead The consumption of the material is very small, so the consumption of the moving crusher can be improved by 3-5 times after the structure optimization. When we operate the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, we do not need to change the wear parts of the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill frequently, and it becomes very convenient when it is replaced.

When using the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill for material grinding production, the grinding roller is compacted on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so that the material can be ground fine powder. Therefore, if there is some wear on the grinding roller and the grinding ring, we should check it in time and make a prediction to see if it can still be produced. Because of the different materials and different fineness requirements, the degree of wear of the wear parts such as the grinding roller and the grinding ring is allowed to be different. The higher the fineness requirements of the finished material and the higher the quality requirements, the less wear parts are required to wear. Therefore, we can not extend the service life of wear parts blindly, we should pay attention to whether the output and fineness of finished products meet the requirements. Moreover, if the grinding roller and the grinding ring exceed the replacement cycle, the wearing parts of the centrifugal device may be damaged. When operating the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, it is necessary to find the balance point according to various data.

When operating the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, it is important to pay attention to the first empty load test before each start. After the start, check the continuity and stability of the equipment. After everything is normal, The material can be fed evenly and quantitatively. It should be mentioned that sometimes the equipment will be shut down due to malfunction or power failure. At this time, we need to clean the residual materials in the mill chamber before starting the equipment again. These we mentioned before, here again, because this is very important, must not be sloppy.

Some people may ask, what is all right, then let's talk a little more here, because this part will be seen in the operating instructions manual. The normal meaning of everything is basically that when the air load is running, the working state should be stable. In addition, the temperature of the lubricating oil needs to be measured, and it should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius, and the temperature rise should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. During the operation of the empty load, if all the components can work normally, it is considered normal. Of course, there will be a more detailed introduction in the operation manual.

In addition, when operating the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill, some manufacturers will additionally develop a "safe operation system for equipment maintenance", which is of course very good. However, when making a decision, it is better to refer to the manuals and opinions given by the manufacturer. This will ensure that nothing is lost. At the same time, in order to ensure its long-term safe operation, it is necessary to use regular maintenance tools to regularly inspect and repair the equipment. Another important point is the lubrication operation. Proper and proper lubrication can ensure the normal maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

After comparison, it is also important. Regardless of the equipment, the operator is very important. The qualified professional operators can make the equipment run stably and safely for a long time. Therefore, training of operators is very necessary before new equipment is put into use. The training includes but is not limited to the grinding principle of the Calcite Powder Grinding Mill as well as performance, operating procedures and emergency response methods, so that they can better use the milling equipment.

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