Function Of Vertical Milling Machine

2018-12-19 10:09:53

Function Of Vertical Milling Machine

Vertical Milling Machine fineness

Six factors affecting the fineness of Vertical Milling Machine

The first factor, the grader opening height, size:

In many grinding production lines, because the size of the opening of the classifier is not adjusted when the equipment is installed, and the workers do not pay attention to the operation, it also affects the grinding operation and the fineness of the grinding. Therefore, in the installation and production, we must pay attention to check the size and height of the opening of the classifier.

The second factor, the effect of fineness:

The same material, the same type of Vertical Milling Machine, the finer the fineness of the powder, the lower the output, and vice versa. For example, if the powder is required to be 2,500 mesh and the powder is 80 mesh, the output of 3000 mesh will be lower than that of the direct-extracted 80 mesh due to the secondary or multiple classification of the Vertical Milling Machine.

The third factor, the grader spindle lifting height:

In normal normal grinding production, the classifier spindle is required to be placed in place. In some concentrating plants, since the materials in the classifier are not cleaned up, the sinking is caused by solidification for a long time, which will cause the spindle of the classifier to be out of position, thereby reducing the amount of sand return. In addition, the grader spindle is not placed in place. It may be because the spindle has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so pay more attention to regular cleaning during operation.

The fourth factor, the quality of the Vertical Milling Machine itself:

Vertical Milling Machines produced by Vertical Milling Machine suppliers have different quality, different energy consumption, and of course the difference in fineness.

The fifth factor is affected by the hardness of the material (Bond work index):

Different ores have different hardnesses, which are determined by the nature of the ore and directly affect the grinding difficulty and fineness of the ore. Although the hardness of the ore cannot be changed, when we carry out the grinding production, we can make the size of the ore as uniform as possible, and the block-like and powdery ore ratio is reasonable and stable to achieve reasonable and uniform grinding. Fineness.

The sixth factor, the air pressure in the area where the material is ground:

The same Vertical Milling Machine, at different altitudes, due to the different air pressure, the air pressure of the air compressor will affect the grinding efficiency, and the fineness of the powder is naturally affected by different procedures.

The above are the six influencing factors of the fineness of the Vertical Milling Machine introduced by SBM. I hope to help you better production and let everyone get better benefits.

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