Grinding Mill In Cement Production Plant

2018-09-27 16:51:16

Grinding Mill In Cement Production Plant

Interview on how to choose a good Cement Grinding Mill manufacturer

Moderator: As my infrastructure continues to increase, so does the demand for some basic materials, such as stone, construction sand, chemical raw materials and other industrial powder materials, and will increase for a long time. , there will be a growing trend in this demand. Nowadays, with the increasing demand for micronized materials, the demand for grinding equipment is also increasing. Therefore, various manufacturers of grinding machines are also undergoing fierce competition in order to occupy a place in the powder equipment market.

This is based on the manufacturer's side, through the constant competition mechanism, the equipment is constantly updated, more in line with market expectations, and the user is presented with excellent equipment. So for the user, how should we choose a good Cement Grinding Mill manufacturer? What kind of grinder is more suitable for their production line?

We are honored to have invited Mr. Grinder, who has been in the field of milling equipment for several years and has a deep understanding of the equipment and applications. He will share with us his views and hope to help everyone in purchasing Cement Grinding Mill equipment. We came together to welcome our old friend Mr. Grinder with warm applause.

Mr. Grinder: Hello everyone! I am very happy to see you again here. I am also very happy to be able to participate in this interview and talk to you about my views on how to purchase Cement Grinding Mill manufacturers. I hope to inspire you. Moderator: Mr. Grinder, in the fierce market competition, in the case of the mill market, you can help us analyze, is this a good thing or a bad thing? What should we do in the face of a dazzling array of equipment? How to choose a good Cement Grinding Mill manufacturer?

Mr. Grinder: There are so many problems at once. I answer one by one. First answer the first question: In the current situation of the mill market, it is certainly good, indicating that the upstream and downstream industries in this industry are showing a thriving scene, both in the steel industry and in the milling industry. The stage of rapid development is very good. But on the other hand, it also illustrates a problem. Today, the mill market is still unstable. Just like water does not precipitate, there will be various chaos in the equipment on the market. The simpler is the equipment. The quality is mixed, the specifications are diverse, and the industry standards are not uniform. On the other hand, some manufacturers are eager for quick success, or are still in their infancy, and have not recognized their own advantages. They may not have positioned their products to push products. They just saw that the mill market is better and came in.

This can lead to a problem, there may be production, no service; or sales, no after-sales; there are equipment, no accessories. If these three conditions arise, they are very serious problems. Without the professional services provided by the manufacturer, the production cost will increase greatly, and the entire production line will not be able to achieve the expected production status. This problem is also the same after no after-sales. For large equipment, the maintenance warranty is very important. The after-sales service will end the use of the equipment ahead of time; after the comparison, the problem is also very serious, there is no accessories. Large-scale milling equipment uses abrasive parts to grind materials. Many parts are called wear parts, but they are also called wearing parts because they need to be replaced frequently. If the manufacturer can't continue to provide it, it is almost fatal. If there is no manufacturer to continuously provide such accessories, the equipment can not be used, and if you look for other manufacturers to customize the accessories, the cost is relatively high, and it is difficult to be suitable.

A good Cement Grinding Mill manufacturer is very important. First, the performance of the device itself is very important, and it needs to be examined and analyzed through multiple dimensions, as well as comparison. In addition, it is important to strictly control costs according to the needs of their own production lines, and not waste capital on unnecessary functions. For example, the processing requirements for processing bentonite and processed marble require comprehensive consideration. In addition, it is necessary to examine the manufacturer's production scale, after-sales service and the availability of accessories. If customers go to the business survey and find that they basically do not have large factories, no busy production environment, and some even just an office, then this must not be a factory, but a dealer.

Moderator: Oh. Yes, when you purchase a Cement Grinding Mill, it is similar to other products. You can't just pursue the function, but it depends on whether it is suitable for production. We should be cautious in the investigation process. What other notable places, let us tell us together?

Mr. Grinder: In addition, customers should look at some of the company's other customer usage, which is very important. Excellent equipment is able to withstand the use of users. Only when the user speaks well, can you buy with confidence. Moderator: It is really a very exciting interview. Thanks to Mr. Grinder for his advice on choosing a good Cement Grinding Mill manufacturer. Now, I believe many customers will understand the meaning of choosing a good manufacturer. Thanks again to Mr. Grinder for sharing.

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