Marble Grinding Bowl Made In Germany

2018-09-27 16:39:22

Marble Grinding Bowl Made In Germany

Application and research of spiral classifier

Classification is an important preparation for ore dressing, and the spiral classifier is a commonly used equipment. It is a reasonable combination with the Marble Grinding Machine, which can improve the beneficiation efficiency and reduce the mineral rejection rate. In recent years, some manufacturers inside and outside have made major revisions and innovations to spiral classifiers. The efficiency of equipment classification is improved, and others have good application effects. Workers have done a lot of research and improvement work both inside and outside, constantly improving existing equipment. Let us learn about the application and research status of spiral classifiers. Help us know this deeply.

Spiral classifier application

The spiral classifier is one of the more common mineral processing equipment. Spiral classifiers are widely used in mineral processing Marble Grinding Machine plants. It splits the ore with a Marble Grinding Machine to form a closed loop, or it can be used to classify ore of different grades during gravity ore dressing, and to filter out the fine mud, which can also be used in beneficiation process grade pulp. In addition, it is also used for deliming or dehydrating operations in ore washing operations. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.

Research status of spiral classifier

In recent years, with the continuous development of infrastructure construction, various professional ore Marble Grinding Machines are constantly emerging, and the spiral grading function is also required to be higher and higher. Workers have done a lot of research and improvement work both inside and outside, constantly improving existing equipment.

The first is a new multi-section conical spiral classifier. The novel multi-section conical spiral classifier has a large variation based on the structure of a conventional spiral classifier. It can do repeated classification. The result is equivalent to several traditional spiral grading series work, which improves the grading efficiency. For this type of multi-stage conical spiral fractionation composition, the operating parameters of each classification chamber can be adjusted vertically.

The first is a composite drum screen spiral classifier. The new equipment uses the original spiral graded upper space and converts it into an internal screw screen. It divides the solid particles into two phases: sedimentation classification and separation of the screening. The compound rotary screen supports the Marble Grinding Machine for spiral grade matching, which can greatly improve the processing capacity of the Marble Grinding Machine, and greatly reduce the abandonment rate of ore, thereby improving the efficiency of mineral processing and crushing.

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