Ore Milling Equipment Dust Collector

2018-01-23 17:26:21

Ore Milling Equipment Dust Collector

Ore Milling Equipment dust collector is based on the principle of fiber fabric filter to complete smoke and dust removal process. With the advent of needle-felt filter media and filter media, the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter can reach over 99.99%, the emission concentration is lower than 50mg / m3 and even lower than 10mg / m3, achieving smokeless emission close to zero Pollution. Many of the cement plant's main workshop clean production, are from the grinding plant installation bag dust collector began. China's cement industry emissions standards for air pollutants with international standards, requiring dust concentration less than 50mg / m3, bag Ore Milling Equipment deduster deserved to be the most reliable preferred ball machine precipitator.

Ore Milling Equipment Dust Collector To Adapt To Large-Scale Equipment And High Concentrations Of Fine Powder Collection


Large-scale Ore Milling Equipment dust remover is a significant symbol of the technological progress of the modern cement industry. Not only stand-alone production capacity, economies of scale, but also with the material uniform, product quality and stability. In the new dry-process production, large-scale vertical Ore Milling Equipment is selected. In the production of modern vertical kiln, the use of large Ore Milling Equipment group kiln technology has become the representative of China's advanced productivity of cement enterprises. Large-scale grinding process, is inseparable from the large-scale high-concentration bag ball Ore Milling Equipment dust collector, it is not only dust control of environmental protection equipment, but also to complete the production of fine powder collection equipment.

Improve The Surface Area And Avoid Over Grinding Phenomenon

In the cement production process, raw materials into the raw material Ore Milling Equipment or cement Ore Milling Equipment are compound materials with different components, such as limestone material, siliceous material, clay material and ferrous raw material of the raw material system and the like; Cement Ore Milling Equipment clinker, gypsum, mixed materials (such as fly ash, slag, etc.). The ease with which the ingredients are pulverized (that is, the ease of grinding) varies so that the degree of pulverization (pulverization speed) increases with time. In the effective internal residence time in the Ore Milling Equipment, some components of the material quickly reached the fineness of the grinding requirements, but had to accompany other hard-to-wear components of the material in the Ore Milling Equipment to stay, the more grinding more thin, more than The fineness of the Ore Milling Equipment requirements. As the temperature of the Ore Milling Equipment increases, the electrostatic effect generated by these fine powders becomes stronger and stronger, which not only alleviates the impact of the abrasive body, but also will paste the ball and paste the lining to reduce the grinding efficiency, which is the phenomenon of "over grinding ", Should try to avoid.


After the implementation of the new national cement standards, require the fineness of cement, the specific surface area increased, and various enterprises to varying degrees to adjust the grinding grading and other process parameters, the appropriate extension of the material in the Ore Milling Equipment residence time in order to find more abrasive materials Fine, more powder content, at the same time more prone to over grinding phenomenon. In order to avoid over grinding phenomenon, it is necessary to increase the speed of wind in the Ore Milling Equipment, increase the amount of ventilation, advance the easily ground material out of the barrel in time and rapidly, and the work can be done by the ventilation dust removal system. The practice of long-term operation proves that the ventilation and dust removal system composed of bag dust collector and fan can not only help the ball Ore Milling Equipment to increase the specific surface area of ​​the Ore Milling Equipment material and meet the requirements of the new standard, but also avoid over grinding and significantly increase the powder Grinding efficiency. It can be said bag filter in improving the specific surface area, to avoid over-grinding has an irreplaceable role.

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