Ore Milling Equipment Industry Trends

2017-12-15 17:00:26

Ore Milling Equipment Industry Trends

Ore Milling Equipment is the main equipment of the powder industrial grinding machine. With the continuous development of the industry, it has high reliability, energy saving, accuracy and automation are the inevitable trend of development.


In the sub-industry, micro-grinding will be the main high-reliability, energy saving, accurate, automatic status monitoring and automatic control for the development trend. It can use the SCR power supply, AC variable frequency speed control, lubricating oil lubrication, damping measures, as well as working condition monitoring and automatic control device. The high reliability of micro-grinding, the need to rationalize the mechanical principle, to strengthen the ring, wear-resistant glands to increase the lubrication of the machine under the continuous working condition.


Its automatic condition monitoring and automatic control require a high intelligent electronic control system inside the mill. Then we can automatically control the material into or out of the mill, and import quantitatively, the operator simply controls the micro-grinding button in the operating room. In order to improve the accuracy of precision grinding materials, the need to strengthen the analysis of machine accuracy.


In addition, environmental protection is also very important. In recent years, all walks of life have paid close attention to environmental protection. Microfine grinding industry is a serious pollution of the industry, therefore, its green development is also a development trend, but also a development focus.

These require our efforts, which is the development trend of micro-grinding, but also to improve the area, I believe the future will be getting better and better.

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