Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

2018-12-19 09:48:02

Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

Stamp Mill Case

325 mesh bituminous coal mill is produced by Stamp Mill, 4~40 tons per hour. Guilin provides a complete set of anthracite powder production line with closed loop air system, which has good environmental performance, saves electricity and labor costs, and invests in well-known anthracite producers such as Shanxi anthracite supplier. The Stamp Mill equipment produces ultra-fine powder of anthracite above 325 mesh.

First. Anthracite

The density of anthracite coal mines is 1.4-1.8g/cm3. The main raw material for the manufacture of carbon electrodes is preheated anthracite or anthracite, which is partially filled with recycled materials (crushed electrodes, etc.) or cast coke, and bonded with bituminous coal tar or bitumen-containing bitumen. The agent is prepared by adding a small amount of natural graphite by extrusion molding.

Anthracite producing areas are concentrated in China. At present, the estimated reserves of anthracite coal are 474 billion tons, accounting for 10% of the total coal resources in the country, with an annual output of 200 million tons. Shanxi Province accounts for 32%, Henan Province accounts for 18%, and Guizhou Province accounts for 11%. There are six major anthracite coal bases in China: Beijing Jingmei Group, Jincheng Coal Industry Group, Jiaozuo Coal Industry Group, Yongcheng Coal Mining Area, Shenhua Ningmei Group and Yangquan Coal Industry Group. Among them, anthracite in Ningxia Alkali Mountain has an ash content of less than 7% and a sulfur content of 0.6-2.9%, which is a rare high-quality anthracite.

Second, 325 mesh anthracite use

1. Anthracite can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of synthetic ammonia.

2. Anthracite is usually used as a civilian and power fuel. Good quality anthracite can be used as a gasification raw material, a fuel for blast furnace injection and sintering of iron ore, and as a casting fuel.

3, high quality anthracite can produce silicon carbide, carbon sand, artificial corundum, artificial graphite, electrodes, calcium carbide and carbon materials.

4. Anthracite can also be used to burn cement.

Third. The process of producing bituminous fine powder by Stamp Mill for bituminous coal milling

The Stamp Mill drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate. The bituminous coal to be ground is fed into the rotating grinding disc center by the lock air feeding device. Under the action of centrifugal force, the bituminous coal moves to the periphery of the grinding disc and enters the grinding roller. Under the action of the pressure of the grinding roller, the bituminous coal is crushed by being pressed, ground and sheared. At the same time, the wind is evenly sprayed upward from the wind ring around the grinding disc. The bituminous coal after the grinding is blown by the high-speed airflow at the wind ring, and the coarse-grained bituminous coal powder is blown back to the grinding disc to be re-grinded, and the fine powder is blown by the wind. Brought into the classification machine for grading, the qualified bituminous coal powder is pulverized along with the airflow, collected by the dust collection equipment, and the unqualified coarse powder falls to the grinding disc under the action of the grading machine blade, together with the newly fed material. Re-grinding, so cycle, complete the whole process of grinding.

When the iron block and other impurities mixed into the bituminous coal material move to the edge of the grinding disc with the material, due to its own weight, it cannot be blown up by the wind. It falls into the lower cavity of the Stamp Mill and is scraped into the slag discharge port by the scraper. Guarantee the quality of the finished product. The rotor speed of the multi-head classifier is easy to adjust, and a variety of qualified bituminous ultrafine powders can be obtained.

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