Stamp Ore Milling Equipment For Sale In South Africa

2018-01-26 17:52:58

Stamp Ore Milling Equipment For Sale In South Africa

Starting operation of Stamp Ore Milling Equipment For Sale In South Africa

Because there is no lift mechanism, there is no means of online voltage regulation, Stamp Ore Milling Equipment rely mainly on auxiliary materials, with the main, auxiliary transmission torque difference start. Judgment on the grinding condition is not good, improper operation, it is easy to start vibration can not start up, especially in the wear and tear after the start grinding operation more difficult, not a success. Generally need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Because of the decline in the grinding capacity of this period, the amount of slag discharge is large and the feeding setting is less than that of the normal.


  • 1, the ratio of limestone to the raw material is selected as low as possible, and then the Ore Milling Equipment is set to the normal value after the Ore Milling Equipment is started smoothly.
  • 2, the best way to start grinding is to choose normal starting Ore Milling Equipment first, plate for dozens of seconds grinding, and then to wear the grinding material according to the situation of the grinding material.
  • 3, before the start Ore Milling Equipment, the front door of the circulating fan is larger than the normal one. The minimum number of pulverized coal revolutions and the grinding temperature should not be too high to ensure that the grinding temperature is around 70 C, and the minimum value of hydraulic setting is.

In short, thin, low dropout, low temperature and good grinding, of course and operator experience, need grinding operation to eye, according to the operation of the auxiliary transmission Ore Milling Equipment, in the main motor before the start of each control valve and control parameters adjusted in a timely manner, to ensure a successful start grinding operation.


Although in the later period of wear when the Stamp Ore Milling Equipment production decline grinding roller, operation rate of decline, but after careful operation of the operator, in close coordination with the post, to ensure that the required kiln processing, without affecting the production, fully reflects the superiority of the grinding Ore Milling Equipment, material conveying, separator, drying. Of course, the control parameters of various types of Stamp Ore Milling Equipment were different, the actual situation is different, the above is just a little slow roll wear our opposition late hands-on experience in the production practice in the future we will continue to explore, summarize the experience, optimize the process parameters, quality assurance, to improve the yield, improve the operation rate.

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