Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill

2018-12-19 09:50:57

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer failure reason and solution

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer toothing fault finding and solution, Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer toothing reason analysis:

1. The maintenance plan is unreasonable. After the Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer is toothed, in order to quickly resume production, it is generally which shaft is toothed to replace which shaft and gear, and it is impossible to run normally to ensure that the new and old gears mesh well. The impact phenomenon occurs during operation, which makes the gear easier to break.

2. The gear processing quality is poor. The root of the high stress concentration is rough, not a smooth transition, which aggravates the stress concentration effect; the material processing is poor, the grain flow line cannot be distributed along the tooth profile, and good comprehensive mechanical properties cannot be obtained; the gear is cantilevered and the root is equivalent At the fulcrum of the cantilever beam, the root portion is subjected to large bending stresses, which will occur at the root of the tooth.

3. The measurement of the gear parameters of the Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill is not accurate. According to the analysis of the assembly results, when the mapping gear is modified, the helix angle and the modulus are inaccurate, resulting in a large difference between the gear tooth profile and the old tooth. When the meshing is small, the impact is small, the impact is large, the stress at a certain point of the gear is too high, and the gear teeth are easily broken.

4. The heat treatment process is immature. The new gear tooth root is not quenched and strengthened, the bending strength is low, and the tooth surface quenching strengthening layer is too shallow to support the contact load for a long time, so it is crushed and deformed prematurely. Once the tooth profile accuracy is poor and the gap is increased, an additional load will be introduced.

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer tooth treatment measures

1. Optimization of maintenance plan. Since the in-line gear has been partially worn or partially broken, the contact condition is not good when the new gear is meshed with it. In order to ensure the normal meshing of the gears, it should be arranged in a set to fully run. By running the joint, the contact area of ​​the gear teeth can be improved, the tooth surface smoothness and contact precision can be improved, the local stress can be eliminated, and the cold work hardened tooth surface layer can be formed, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the gear and prolonging the service life.

2. Strictly control the quality of processing. When designing and manufacturing gears, we should pay attention to the importance of the root fillet to ensure a smooth transition without causing additional stress concentration; improve the manufacturing precision to make the load distribution uniform and reduce the dynamic load coefficient; the gear material is changed from 45# steel 42CrMo, the grain flow lines are distributed along the tooth profile during processing to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties.

3. Correct the parameters of each gear in the Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill reducer. Re-rendering and correcting the helix angle and modulus of the gear teeth to ensure that the parameters of the gears are accurate, so as to improve the gear's coincidence and transmission stability, thus improving the bearing capacity of the gears.

4. Develop a reasonable heat treatment process. The bending resistance of the root is determined by the structure. By quenching and strengthening, the ability to resist bending deformation can be improved, thereby extending the life of the gear. To ensure that the gear can support the contact load for a long time and avoid the premature introduction of additional load by crushing deformation, it needs to be re-established. Reasonable design of the tooth surface quenching layer thickness.

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