Vertical Ore Milling Equipment High-Pressure Pump

2017-12-29 10:06:03

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment High-Pressure Pump

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment in the course of the operation often appear hydraulic system pressure can not be maintained, the scene observed high-pressure pumps frequently start, hydraulic oil temperature rise, this phenomenon can easily lead to damage to the pump and energy consumption.

There are two main reasons for the frequent start-up of high pressure pumps:


  • First, the hydraulic cylinder rod seal damage caused by leakage within the cylinder;
  • Second, return valve (or pressure relief valve) leakage or damage caused by high-pressure pump frequent movements.

Production can be taken from the following aspects to check and deal with:


  • First, check the hydraulic cylinder is the phenomenon of internal leakage, the most direct way is to stop the tension hydraulic pump hydraulic power station stop, observe the static hydraulic pressure station is gradually decreased, such as decreased hydraulic cylinder that have internal leakage Phenomenon, the seal should be replaced in time.
  • Second, a reasonable set tension range, if the grinding pressure setting range is narrow, not only will make the damping capacity of the hydraulic system of nitrogen balloon weakened, but also make the hydraulic pump high-pressure pump in a very short period of time start and stop frequently In severe cases, it will cause the high-voltage motor to burn out. Usually, it is necessary to determine the reasonable grinding pressure parameters according to the material's easy to wear.
  • Third, the hydraulic valve (and pressure relief valve) for inspection and cleaning, hydraulic valve is a precision part, block the valve in the event of debris will cause pressure relief.
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