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2018-09-14 10:24:44

Buy Jaw Crushing Machine

Application of Jaw Crushing Machine in cement production

Jaw Crushing Machine is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials in cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors. The series of Jaw Crushing Machines are mainly composed of rollers, roller supporting bearings, compression and adjustment devices and drive devices.

Cement is a kind of hydraulic cementitious material. When cement is mixed with water, it undergoes a series of physicochemical actions and changes from plasticity paste to hard rock. In terms of hardening conditions, cement can harden not only in the air, but also in the water, thus maintaining and continuing to develop its strength.

Therefore, cement materials can be used for both ground and underground works. Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement and composite cement are commonly used in roads and bridges.

In addition, in some special projects, high alumina cement, expansive cement, fast hardening cement and so on, Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement are still the main Portland cement in engineering construction. The wide use of cement has increased the demand for cement production, and also has high requirements for cement technology. Increasing Jaw Crushing Machine in cement grinding process has been widely used in modern cement enterprises.

Its technological process mainly uses slip screen material dust removal crushing system, its technological process mainly has: clinker, slag and gypsum together into the slip screen, slip screen in the motor eccentric block vibration, less than 6 mm of the material into the cement vertical mill, more than 6 mm of the material into the Jaw Crushing Machine.

In order to avoid the field problems of Jaw Crushing Machine and affect the normal production of cement vertical mill, bypass pipes, sliding screen switches and electric limit control are used. Once the Jaw Crushing Machine has a problem, immediately open the chute screen, let the material into the bypass, while overhauling the Jaw Crushing Machine to ensure the normal operation of vertical cement mill.

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