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2018-09-14 10:40:24

Buy Stone Crusher

Matters needing attention in the operation of Stone Crusher hammers

  • 1. Every time the Stone Crusher hammer is used, the looseness of the high-pressure or low-pressure tubing of the Stone Crusher hammer should be checked first; at the same time, for the sake of caution, the leakage of oil from other places should be checked at any time so as to avoid the breakdown of a tubing caused by vibration.
  • 2. When the hammer is working, the drill rod should always be perpendicular to the surface of the broken object. The drill rod should be pressed tightly against the broken object, and the broken hammer should be stopped immediately after breaking. Continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the hammer's precursor and the main bolt loose, serious damage to the main engine itself.
  • 3. When crushing, do not use the rocking drill rod, or the main bolt and the drill rod are likely to rupture; do not make the Stone Crusher hammer fall down quickly or hit hard rock, which will damage the Stone Crusher hammer or the main engine due to excessive impact.
  • 4. Do not crush in water or muddy ground. Except for the drill rod, the other parts of the Stone Crusher hammer body should not be immersed in water or mud. Otherwise, the piston on the Stone Crusher hammer and other parts with similar functions will cause premature loss of the Stone Crusher hammer due to accumulation of mud stains.
  • 5. When breaking a particularly hard object, it should start at the edge, do not knock continuously at the same point for more than 1 minute to prevent the drill rod burning or hydraulic oil overheating.
  • 6. Don't use the protective plate of the Stone Crusher hammer as a tool to push heavy objects. Because excavators and loaders are mainly small machines, their own weight is light. If they push heavy objects, they will damage the Stone Crusher hammer lightly, and cause the main crane arm to break, and even the main engine overturn accident.
  • 7. Operating when the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully contracted, otherwise the impact vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder and then to the main engine.
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