Calcium Carbonate Equipment

2018-09-14 10:37:42

Calcium Carbonate Equipment

Measures to extend the life of the Calcium Carbonate Equipment

1, try to use good quality hammer

In view of the quality of the plate hammer, Wuyuan Industrial proposed to use the hammer of the original Calcium Carbonate Equipment manufacturer, which basically met the quality requirements.

2, re-made bolt mold

The elliptical head of the bolt can be in good contact with the contact surface of the hammer hole of the plate. At the same time, the thickness of the bolt thread is controlled within the dimensional tolerance, and the unloading groove is processed by the end of the thread to prevent stress from being concentrated and broken.

3. Strengthen the use and maintenance management

First of all, when installing the hammer, it is necessary to remove the sand and burrs of the bolt holes and slots of the hammer, so that the joints are flat and flat; secondly, when tightening the hammer bolts, it is necessary to tighten the elbows while tightening; Check the bolt tightening condition about half an hour after the operation. After tightening, weld the nut to the thread to prevent loosening.

4, the material should meet the equipment requirements when feeding

Before the operator carries out the feeding, the user must first carefully read the crushing range of the equipment. Because the hardness of the crushed materials of different Calcium Carbonate Equipments is different, the materials should be treated beforehand to reduce the viscosity and water content of the materials. This will allow the Calcium Carbonate Equipment to achieve maximum performance.

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